LinkedIn Company Page Vanity URLs

18 Feb

Presently, LinkedIn doesn’t provide the ability to edit your company page’s URL. That said, if you’ve read this blog post or the forum discussion here — “Company Page Vanity URL” — you’ll know a quick workaround. Unfortunately, it only works when creating new pages. Admins of old pages are out of luck until LinkedIn adds an option to modify existing company page URLs.

Here’s how you can get it right the first time: When creating a new page for your company, Awesome Blog Readers LLC, insert the desired vanity name in the “Company name” box of the form, making sure to leave it free of blank spaces. This will prevent LinkedIn from forcing hyphens into your company page’s URL, similar to most brands’ Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ profiles. We’ve provided a screenshot example below:

linkedin company page vanity url

Once you’ve finished filling out the other required information for your new company page and have published it, simply edit the company name, adding the spaces you made sure to leave out before.

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